To be a company that realizes a sound material-cycle society
To unite the people, the earth,
and the environment that are being sought after, and shift to a sustainable, low-environmental lifestyle.
We play a part in building a "sound material-cycle society" that reuses new resources.
We want to be a leading company.
We can also handle small orders such as prototypes and research.

Wafers for research / development, equipment testing / evaluation, sales of silicon (crystal),
special processing of crystals, etc. can be linked with our partner companies, and we will make every effort to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible.

About us
Important Issues for Achieving SDGs through Businesses
We are tackling the social issues facing the world through each business. We believe that this will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
Recycling and reuse of silicon material
By reusing and reusing silicon materials, we will contribute to a sound material-cycle society and prevention of global warming.
Utilization of clean energy

By utilizing sustainable clean energy from sunlight, we will contribute to the prevention of global warming.
Processed food import / export business
Think and act to eliminate waste and hunger in the world through the import, export and sale of food.
Business information
Increase corporate value by promoting sustainable possible business
performs a multi-faceted social contribution, energy conservation, resource conservation, efforts constantly to reduce environmental impact, and in harmony with the global environment.
Company Profile
address 982 Shimotomi, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture
Representative phone 04-2990-2908
FAX 04-2990-2907
Main business contents Recycling, import / export and sales of silicon wafers, which are indispensable for electronic products.
access 3 minutes walk from Seibu Bus "14 Ken" bus stop from Seibu Shinjuku Line "Shin-Tokorozawa Station"